Apple iOS 7 could feature LinkedIn integration much like that already enjoyed by Facebook and Twitter, if clues discovered in the iOS 7 beta's code are any indication.

Eagle-eyed Hamza Sood discovered text strings in the iOS 7 beta that show Apple to be testing LinkedIn integration. Features being considered are likely to include single sign-on - the streamlined password requirements currently offered with Facebook and Twitter in iOS 6, allowing iOS access to your Twitter and Facebook profiles once you've signed into them through their respective apps - and the ability to easily post links to a LinkedIn profile.

Apple iOS 7 beta LinkedIn code

It would be a tremendous coup for LinkedIn if it could make it on to iOS 7's share screen, establishing it as one of the big three social networks and giving it instant exposure to the massive iPhone and iPad user base (the majority of which are likely to update to iOS 7 in fairly short order).

None of this is official at this stage, of course, and could simply reflect one of several options Apple is looking at. However, one point in favour of LinkedIn getting the nod is the agreement already announced at WWDC that sees the social network tie more closely into Mac OS X Mavericks.

Via 9to5Mac

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