As cutting edge as the iPad is, the forces to make it into a humdrum clamshell device continue to rear their retro heads. The latest entry designed to turn the tablet into a tactile notebook comes from a company based in the China, Shenzhen Paoluy Silicone Technology. It has in the works a case for the iPad that has a built-in Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.

The case came to light last week when the Federal Communications Commission approved its use. FCC approval was needed because the iPad accessory has a wireless component, its Bluetooth keyboard.

The keyboard has a rechargeable battery that's rated by the company at 90 hours for continuous use and 100 days in standby mode. One U.K. retailer, though, pegs the continuous use time at 45 hours. Charging can be done with standard iPad connector and takes from four to 4.5 hours.

Other features of the accessory include a "durable leather style exterior," magnetic fastener to keep the case closed and an auto-sleep mode that shuts off the keyboard after 10 minutes of activity.

Apple iPad

The Shenzhen case, expected to be delivered to U.S. and U.K. markets soon, isn't alone in the turn-the-iPad into a dull laptop market. A company called ClamCase is expected to deliver a product this fall that makes the iPad look like a Windows notebook tablet.

No pricing has been revealed for the accessory in the U.S. but it's expected to sell for $92.72.

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