Apple shipped 20 million iPhone 5 units within half the time it took Samsung to ship the same amount of Galaxy S4 units, according to an analyst's estimates.

Last week, it was reported that Samsung's had shipped 20 million units of its Galaxy S4, but ISI Group's Brian Marshall believes that Apple's iPhone 5 sold twice as fast when it launched last year.

According to Marshall's estimates, which are based on Apple's official opening weekend figures and the company's quarterly earnings reports, it took around 25 days for the iPhone 5 to reach 20 million shipments, while it took Samsung around two months to reach the same milestone if last week's reports are correct.

Marshall suggests that Apple shipped approximately 805,000 iPhone 5 units per day during the first 25 days after the new model launched. Samsung, on the other hand, is estimated to have shipped 333,000 Galaxy S4 units per day.

In autumn, Apple announced that it had sold five million iPhone 5 units within its launch weekend.

ISI Group expects that Apple will launch new devices, including the next-generation iPhone, a cheaper iPhone and possibly also a bigger iPhone, dubbed iPhablet, within the next nine months.

[Via AppleInsider]

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