Apple has launched its iPhone 5, and pre-orders for the new phone have begun today. It’s set to hit the shelves on 21 September.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get your hands on the iPhone 5 and how much it’ll cost you.

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We’ll continue to update this article as we get more information.

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If you’re looking to buy the iPhone 5 directly from Apple, you can pre-order it from the Apple Store now. The 16GB model costs £529, the 32GB is £599 and the 64GB model is £699.

Macworld’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Hattersley has pre-ordered a black 32GB iPhone 5, which seems to be the most popular model according to Macworld’s Twitter community.

"Like most Apple retail experiences the process was pain-free and left my wallet considerably lighter,” he said. “I also ordered all the accessories, which we need for Macworld. The Lightning to 30pin adaptor is £25, which strikes me as high as the Lightning to Micro USB Adaptor was only £12.50. Apple was also offering the Apple TV and various AirPrint printers as optional extras. Aside from that it was a case of entering my iTunes account, confirming my home address and clicking Continue. Couldn't be easier." 


EE, formerly Everything Everywhere, has revealed that it will be offering the iPhone 5 with 4G mobile broadband, but prices have yet to be announced.


While Orange and T-Mobile are both owned by EE, they’ll also be stocking the iPhone 5.

Orange’s two year contracts have unlimited texts and minutes, and are priced as follows:

A tariff with a 1GB data allowance will cost £36 per month, with a £109 upfront cost for the 16GB iPhone 5, £219 upfront for 32GB, and £269 for 64GB.

For 2GB of data, Orange charges £41 per month, with an upfront cost of £29, £139 or £209 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively.

For 3GB data allowance, the monthly cost is £46, and you can get the 16GB iPhone 5 on this tariff for free. The upfront cost on this tariff for a 32GB model is £89, and for a 64GB model its £179.

Finally, an unlimited data allowance from Orange will cost you £51 per month, and you can get a free 16GB iPhone 5, or pay £39 for the 32GB model or £129 for 64GB.

Orange has more tariffs available here.


T-Mobile’s Full Monty tariffs are two year contracts with unlimited text and unlimited data.

For £36 a month you can get 2000 minutes for an upfront cost of £109 for the 16GB iPhone 5, £219 for the 32GB or £269 for the 64GB.

T-Mobiles other three Full Monty options come with unlimited minutes. £41 per month will get you an iPhone 5 16GB for £49 upfront, a £32 GB model for £149, or a 64GB model for £219.

Upping the monthly cost to £46 will reduce your upfront cost to £29 for a 16GB model, £99 for a 32GB model or £189 for a 64GB model.

Finally, £61 per month will get you a 16GB iPhone 5 for an upfront cost of £19, a 32GB model for £29 and a 64GB model for £139.

T-Mobile’s other tariffs are available here.


O2 has confirmed that it will offer the iPhone 5, but hasn’t begun taking pre-orders yet and its website currently says iPhone 5 “Coming Soon”. You can sign up to get updates from O2 when they’re announced, but the company has told customers on Twitter that pre-orders will be available later today.

As for retail pricing, however, O2 has revealed that the iPhone 5 will be available in its stores from 21 September on a two year contract with unlimited minutes and texts and 1GB of data for monthly costs ranging from £26 to £46. Upfront costs for the 16GB iPhone 5 range from free to £249, the 32GB ranges from £89.99 to £359.99, and the 64GB ranges from £169.99 to £449.99. Click here for more details about O2's retail store prices.

O2 has said that it is in discussions with Ofcom to bring the 4G spectrum auction forward, but Apple’s iPhone 5 will not support the 800MHz and 2.6GHz auctioned spectrum. 


Three has also announced that it will be selling the iPhone 5.

On Three’s “The One Plan” tariff, customers will get a 24-month contract with ‘all-you-can-eat’ data, 2000 any network minutes, 5000 tests and 5000 Three-to-Three minutes.

A 16GB iPhone 5 on this tariff will cost £79 upfront with a £36 a month bill. The 32GB model is available to pre-order for an £89 upfront cost and £39 a month, while the 64GB model is £109 upfront and £42 a month.

Three’s “Ultimate Internet 500” is a 24-month contract with ‘all-you-can-eat’ data, 500 any network minutes and 5000 texts.

For a 16GB iPhone 5 on this tariff, Three is charging a £79 upfront cost with a £34 per month bill, while the 32GB iPhone 5 will cost £89 upfront and £37 a month, and the high-end 64GB model is priced at £109 upfront and £40 per month.


Vodafone is also offering the iPhone 5 on it network. It’s main tariff options for a two year contract are as follows.

A 16GB model with unlimited texts and minutes and 2GB data allowance will cost £49 upfront and £42 per month, while £99 upfront and £37 per month will get you unlimited texts and calls and 1GB data. For £149, you can get a 16GB iPhone 5 with 600 minutes, unlimited calls and 500MB data allowance for £33 per month.

For a 32GB iPhone 5 with unlimited text and minutes and 2GB of data, Vodafone is charging £149 upfront an £42 per month. £209 upfront and £37 per month will get you a 32GB iPhone 5 with unlimited texts and minutes and 1GB of data, while £269 upfront and £33 per month will get you 500MB data, unlimited texts and 600 minutes.

Finally, Vodafone is charging £229 upfront and £42 per month for a 64GB iPhone 5 with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 2GB of data. £289 upfront and £37 per month will get you 1GB of data and unlimited text and minutes for a 64GB iPhone 5. An upfront cost of £329 and £33 monthly will get you a 64GB model with 500MB data, unlimited texts and 600 minutes

More pricing plans from Vodafone can be found here.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media currently doesn’t offer any iPhone models, and has issued a statement that reads: “We are continually in talks with a range of mobile manufacturers including Apple to ensure we’re able to bring our customers the best choice and great value across our pay-as you-go and pay monthly ranges.”

We’ll update you if any further information comes from the company about the iPhone 5.

Carphone Warehouse

The Carphone Warehouse is offering the iPhone 5 on various networks. The starting price for the 16GB model is £45 per month with no upfront cost. You can get a free 32GB model for a monthly fee from £61 per month, or a 64GB model free from £66 per month.


Similarly, Phones4U is selling the iPhone 5 across various networks too. With no upfront cost, the company is offering a 16GB model starting at £47 per month, and the 32GB and 64GB models from £61 per month.

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