Apple's 10 September event is now official, so it could be little more than 24 hours until Apple unveils the iPhone 5S. Latest rumours to emerge suggest that iPhone 5S will have a silver ring around the fingerprint sensor built-in to the Home button.

It's official! Apple is holding an event on Tuesday 10 September and we expect that it will give us our first official look at the iPhone 5S. Here, we bring you everything we know about the iPhone 5S, including all of the juicy rumours and other speculation circulating the web, as well as iPhone 5S leaked images and mock-ups.

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First things first, what's the difference between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6? At the moment, there isn't a difference, as Apple hasn't confirmed the name of its next iPhone. But, if Apple follows tradition, it's likely that the next iPhone to be launched will be called the iPhone 5S - although we think this name would be a mistake - read: What will the new iPhone be called? (Please not iPhone 5S). There are also tons of rumours that Apple is going to launch a low-cost iPhone 5C - read all about that here: iPhone 5C release date, rumours and leaked images.

Since the iPhone 3G, Apple has launched one iPhone model per year: iPhone 3GS, followed by the iPhone 4, followed by the iPhone 4S and then the current iPhone 5. So, for the purpose of this article, we're talking about the iPhone that Apple is expected to launch this year, which we think will be the iPhone 5S.

If the next iPhone really is the iPhone 5S, it'll probably look similar to the iPhone 5, with internal changes taking the spotlight rather than a new design. 

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Whatever it is called, we can be sure that Apple is working on something. In April, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that the company is working on "amazing" new products for an autumn launch, and in July, he said (in his usual secretive manner) that Apple will launch at least one new product this year.

Also in April, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that he believes Apple is working on "new products that will surprise and shock us all." 

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New iPhone 5S release date

It looks like the new iPhone 5S will br unveiled alongside an iPhone 5C at Apple's 10 September event, alongside the new iPhone 5S, iOS 7, and maybe even the new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks

Following the launch event, reports suggest that the new iPhone 5S might launch on 20 September, however a Telegraph report suggests that there may be two different launch dates for the new phones, with one model launching on 20 September and the other on 28 September. Further fueling this rumour, Apple is said to have forbidden some staff from taking holiday between 15 and 28 September.

Apple Insider claims to have seen an internal Apple document that shows that AppleCare employees cannot take time off from 15 to 23 September. 

News that T-Mobile in the US had blocked staff from taking holiday on or after 20 September is also thought to confirm speculation that Apple will launch the new iPhone at its rumoured 10 September event and then start selling the new iPhone on 20 September.

According to reports, T-Mobile stores in the US are telling employees that they cannot take holiday between Friday 20 September and Sunday 22 September, hinting that the iPhone will launch that weekend.

It is thought that the moves by the companies to ensure sufficient staffing confirms speculation that Apple will launch the new iPhone at its rumoured 10 September event and that it will start selling the new iPhones on 20 September.

Reports have suggested that Apple has been ramping up production of the new iPhone in preparation for a launch. In July, a recruitment drive in Apple's biggest Chinese suppliers, Foxconn and Pegatron, sparked rumours that preparation for the mass production of the iPhone 5S is well under way. Plus, reports that Apple has 'cut iPhone production by 20%' added to the rumours about an impending iPhone 5S release.

Yet more evidence that the phones are coming soon, comes via a Telegraph report that claims that mobile phone shops have been told to prepare to display three different iPhone models.

However, it is unlikely that this means that Apple is about to launch another new phone in conjunction with the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, it is likely the third model will be either the existing iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S.

Currently shops have room to display two different iPhone models, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. Apple is requesting that they make room for three options. 

iPhone 5S will be delayed

It is likely iPhone 5S release date is within the September/October timeframe, because Apple has said that iOS 7 will be coming in autumn. We presume that the rollout will come alongside a new iPhone model, based on iPhone launches in the past. We also think that Apple will want to release the new iPhone before the end of September because the 31 September marks the end of the financial quarter, and the end of Apple's financial year. 

Apple has quite good expectations for the quarter that we feel it will only be able to meet off the back of an iPhone launch. 

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iPhone 5S rumours

There is an abundance of iPhone 5S speculation, so we've rounded up in one place so you can see all of the iPhone 5S rumours in one go.

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iPhone 5S will come in gray, gold, black and white 

A new graphite (or grey) iPhone 5S is also being rumoured alongside the gold model. This would bring the number of colours of the iPhone 5S to four: black, white, graphite/grey, and gold/champagne. 

The above image was leaked by repair shop Mendmyi. There are more leaked iPhone images at the bottom of this story. 

A report, published by AllThingsD on 19 August, cited "sources in a position to know" who said that Apple will be adding the new gold colour to the iPhone colour palette. 

iPhone 5S to have same screen size as iPhone 5

We think the iPhone 6 will have the same size screen as the iPhone 5, and that theory is backed up by the new in-store screen machines that Apple has invested in (below).

iPhone 5S will, won't have NFC

A patent published by the US Patent & Trademark Office suggested that Near Field Communication (NFC) technology could arrive with the next-generation iPhone. The patent describes an iWallet transaction system that could work with the technology.

The US Patent and Trademark published another new Apple NFC technology patent application in May, covering a range of features including a new focus on methods and systems for establishing an NFC session with an electronic device.

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Other reports suggest that rather than NFC, the new iPhone will feature a different communications technology called Bluetooth Smart. One reason why Apple didn’t rush to include NFC is said to be its concerns about security (if your phone was directly connected to your bank account you’d want to make sure that if it fell into the wrong hands it couldn’t be used). The suggestion is that the new phone will feature a fingerprint sensor to address this. There are also rumours that Apple will look to Bluetooth Smart rather than NFC (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy). This new technology offers a low power, 50 meter range, low data rate way to transmit data. 

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The iPhone 5S will have a built-in fingerprint sensor

Trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has predicted that Apple's next iPhone will have largely the same chassis as the iPhone 5, with the only difference to the body of the device expected to be a fingerprint sensor that is built-in to the home button.

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The rumoured iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor could spell trouble for competitors though, says Kuo, who believes that rivals will have more difficulty than Apple when it comes to introducing a fingerprint sensor to their Android and Windows Phone devices, because many have more than one button below the display. This means fingerprint scanners in iPhone rivals would be less intuitive for the user, and could cause frustration, Kuo added.

In March, it was reported that Taiwanese chip maker Chipbond could be providing Apple with components for its next-generation iPhone, including parts that would be used to introduce a fingerprint sensor and near field communications (NFC) features to the upcoming iPhone.

In May, the chief information security officer at PayPal Michael Barrett claimed that Apple intents to incorporate a fingerprint reader in the new iPhone.

Perhaps the biggest clue to the rumoured fingerprint sensor is the code spotted in the iOS 7 beta 4 in July, which describes a fingerprint recognition system built into the Home button.

Just days ahead of the 10 September iPhone event, more evidence that a fingerprint sensor could be built in to the Home button came in the form of an Apple patent application and leaked photographs. It looks like Apple may have decided to surround the Home button with a silver ring that is part of the fingerprint sensor technology. The official Apple invitation shows white circles with silver rings around them, which could be a hint at the fingerprint sensor.

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iPhone 5S will have camera improvements

Four Apple patent filings published in April hint that Apple is working to improve the quality of the camera it uses in its iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Looking back over past iPhone launches backs up this theory, as Apple has traditionally given the iPhone camera a significant boost for every 'S' upgrade (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S).

Earlier in April, a report suggested that Apple's next iPhone will boast a 12-megapixel camera with improved low-light shooting and a HDR setting.

Apple's iOS 7, which was unveiled at WWDC on 10 June, will bring camera improvements to the iPhone. The Camera and Photos apps have been redesigned, and there are new filters, a square camera mode, and a new Moments feature to help organise images.

It's also been suggested that iPhone 5S might have a 'super slow-mo' video mode called Mogul. This prediction is based on references found in iOS 7's beta code.

An Apple patent has hinted at an advanced camera that uses depth perception technology to capture better photographs could be on its way with the next iPhone.

The next iPhone could have a dual-LED flash to help improve the camera too.

Will the iPhone 5S use sonar for face detection and 3D modeling?

Analysis of recent Apple patent activity has got our minds whirring. It seems Apple plans to build audio detection into the screens of some of its future devices, which may include the iPhone 5S, and has also patented a system for using sonar for proximity detection.

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The iPhone 5S will have an A6X processor

Apple traditionally updates the iPhone with a new internal processor. The iPhone currently has an A6 processor, while the latest iPad has an A6X. That seems like a fair candidate for the next generation of iPhone CPU. The A6X is a dual-core CPU with a quad-core GPU. Versus the A6 which is a dual-core CPU with three graphics cores.

Giving an additional graphics core to the iPhone might not make much difference to performance, however (it's required on the iPad to power the Retina Display).

iPhone 5S will have A7 quad-core processor

The iPhone is typically ahead of the curve when it comes to performance. And Apple could skip the dual-core A6X and go straight to the A7, which would possibly be quad-core CPU and quad-core graphics.

Of course, given Apple's track record this would only happen if the A7 processor did not impinge on heat dissipation, battery life, or device bulk (all of which Apple is fanatical about).

But let's assume it can. What would the iPhone do with all this power? Aside from more powerful games, it could be used to power more iOS features, although everybody seems to struggle with ideas for what.

Although these guys over at Hot Hardware seem to think an iPhone 5S with quad-core A7 processor a bad idea, suggesting that virtually all phone software outside of Nvidia Tegra games, is designed for two-cores. So what's the point?

Reports at the end of August suggested that the iPhone 5S will feature an A7 chip that could be as much as 31% faster than the current A6 chip in the iPhone 5. 

iPhone 5S could use TSMC to boost performance and reduce power consumption

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is developing a 16nm process that Apple may adopt for future iPad and iPhone chips. The process could boost performance and reduce power consumption in the iPhone 5S and other Apple products.

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iPhone 5S TD-LTE for China Mobile

Apple is rumoured to be either integrating TD-LTE technology, or working on a separate iPhone model for China Mobile. China's biggest mobile phone network doesn't support the current mobile technology in the iPhone, and getting the iPhone onto China Mobile would enable Apple to get vastly bigger global market-share for the iPhone.  

iPhone 5S to support faster LTE-Advanced wireless standard

Apple's iPhone 5S could come with support for the LTE-Advanced wireless standard, offering twice the data speed as the current 4G LTE networks, according to The Korea Times.

iPhone 5S will have tougher Gorilla Glass 3 display

Corning has developed a new version of its Gorilla Glass for smartphones and tablets that it says will result in 40 per cent fewer scratches and appear in devices later this year, probably including Apple's iPhone 5S, as well as the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.

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Apple will ditch Gorilla Glass in favour of sapphire crystal for iPhone 5S

Apple could be considering a shift from Corning's Gorilla Glass to sapphire crystal for its future phones, a crack and scratch-proof material that Apple already uses for its iSight camera. Sapphire crystal's strength is beaten only by diamonds on the scale of transparent materials.

iPhone 5S to have new 'touch-on' display following iPhone 5 in-cell problems

Apple may have introduced a new 'in-cell' display with its iPhone 5 as recently as December, but new reports suggest that problems with the technology have led Apple to consider using a new 'touch-on' display in the next generation iPhone.

iPhone 5S to have 5G WiFi chip

News that Samsung's Galaxy S4 may support 802.11ac, also known as '5G WiFi', has led to speculation that Apple's iPhone 5S could support the standard as well.

iPhone 5S could have wireless charging capabilities

Apple could be planning to introduce wireless charging to its iPhone 5S, following in the footsteps of Nokia, LG and HTC.

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Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 in March, which is expected to be the iPhone 5S's biggest rival. Samsung's new flagship smartphone has many new features such as eye-tracking, but some analysts question whether some of those features will be used, or whether they will overwhelm some customers.

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iPhone 5S to run iOS 7

Apple's all-new iOS 7 was shown off at WWDC 2013 in June. It has been given a complete redesign and some new features, including an iRadio music streaming service, and Apple has said that it will arrive this autumn, probably with the iPhone 5S itself.

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iPhone 5S to be joined by low-cost iPhone and iPhablet

Apple's iPhone 5S could be joined by two additional iPhone models, a bigger model dubbed iPhablet or iPhone plus, and a cheaper iPhone. This low-cost iPhone could be available in up to eight different colour options, an analyst has predicted.

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White said that Apple wants to introduce new colours and sizes in order to give its customers more choice with the same high quality, in order to further expand its market share in the smartphone world.

Some analysts have predicted that the low-cost iPhone could outsell the iPhone 5S in 2014.

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iPhone 5S leaked images and concept art

There have also been lots of leaked images, and some of the iPhone leaks in the past have been fairly accurate (Like this iPhone front panel we saw before the last iPhone launch). Of course, not all of them are true, so some rumours need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

As we approach the likely launch date of the iPhone 5S, more and more allegedly leaked components have been appearing.

A leak at the end of August saw images of a grey iPhone 5S join images of a rumoured Gold version of the iPhone 5S. 

This new graphite (or grey) iPhone 5S would bring the number of colours of the iPhone 5S to four: black, white, graphite/grey, and gold/champagne. 

The above image of the grey iPhone 5S was leaked by Sonny Dickson on his blog.  

There have also been leaks of volume controls seemingly confirming the four colour options. 

Rumours of a gold - or champagne - version of the iPhone came following a report in AllThingsD on 19 August. AllThingsD said its "sources in a position to know" said that Apple will be adding the new gold colour to the iPhone colour palette, which has previously consisted of just black or white.

AllThingsD's sources insist that the gold iPhone 5S has an "elegant" tone, and that we should "think champagne, not ingot." 

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A parts company has posted photos of what it's calling the iPhone 5S, supposedly snapped on an assembly line. They suggest that the iPhone 5S will have roughly the same firm factor as the iPhone 5, but has some minor changes to the internal layout - so the components and screen could be due a modification or two.

Check out the 'iPhone 5S photos' here.

On 19 February, photographs were leaked online that appear to show the motherboard of Apple's next-generation iPhone, including a quad-core Apple A7 chip and 2GB of RAM.

In June, a photograph that is claimed to be the first photo of the iPhone 5S on the assembly line was leaked.

In January, photographs of alleged leaked iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 parts surfaced.

Toronto-based 3D designer Peter Zigich has published concept images based on the rumours that Apple could be preparing to launch three new iPhones this year. The image shows an iPhone mini, iPhone 5S and iPhablet with home buttons on the side to allow more room for the display or reduce the overall size of the device.

This article will be updated as more iPhone 5S information, rumours, and leaked pictures as they become available.