Apple has introduced another discount deal on sales through iTunes, offering 25 albums from new artists at under £5.

Along with an album from rising star Willy Mason, Available acts include the up-and-coming Mr Hudson and the Library, Pop Levi, The Sunshine Underground and the addictive Hedrons.

At least the introduction of the new budget collection can act as a little distraction today, as users anxiously await the appearance of a new iTunes link that lets them upgrade their existing EMI-released songs into the DRM-free, high-quality format promised by Apple and EMI last month.

Apple and EMI had promised to make music available in the new format by the end of May - and with scant days to go until that date, iTunes users are optimistic the feature could debut on iTunes today.

Meanwhile, industry tongues are wagging that the launch of new sub-£5 album downloads could indicate Apple is now willing to accept record label demands for flexible pricing.