Apple has released its new music quiz game for Apple iPods, iQuiz - available through the iTunes Store.

iQuiz – reports of which first emerged last week – is a true test of how well you know your own music collection and is a major extension to the music quiz game which already exists on iPods. iQuiz costs just 79p.

Apple's notes on iQuiz: "Get your trivia fix with iQuiz, the fast-paced entertainment trivia game designed in a portable format. Put your pop culture knowledge to the test with questions about music, movies and TV shows."

iQuiz actually consists of four different built-in games, including one which tests a users knowledge of the songs, albums and artists on a user's iPod. It also allows users to build their own trivia packs which can be shared with others and lets you keep track of your own (and other people's) scores.

iQuiz is compatible only with fifth-generation iPods.