Apple has released an all-new game for the iPod with video through the iTunes Store - an officially-approved version of the game of hit TV series, Lost.

"Join your favourite castaways in their quest to seek the truth and survive," the company says. "Help Jack search for dynamite, tend to the wounded, and avoid the black smoke," the iTunes page dedicated to the game urges.

The game's storyline was created by the writers behind the series. Gamers play as Jack, interacting with other characters from the show.

The game promises players the chance to explore all the island's main sites, and that in-game production quality is high, with intuitiv and varied gameplay.

The iPod version of Lost was developed by Gameloft. This particular iPod game costs £3.99.

Apple now offers iPod users 14 games for purchase and download through iTunes, also including: Ms. Pac-Man, iQuiz, Sudoku, Tetris, Texas Hold'em, Cubis 2, Zuma, Pac-Man, Mini-Golf, Mah Jong, Bejeweled, Royal Solitaire and Vortex.

Most titles cost £3.99, apart from iQuiz, which costs just 79p.