Apple could clash with UK commercial broadcaster ITV over a possible Apple TV rebranding according to reports.

ITV The Mirror claims Apple's rumoured plans to rename the Apple TV as iTV, inline with other 'i' products, could see ITV try and block the move in the UK courts.

When Apple first announced the product back in September 2006 it referred to it as iTV. When the product launched in January 2007 the Apple TV name lead to speculation, at least in the UK, that the name had been changed either due to the similarity to ITV the channel, or Eye TV, the Elgato product. 

The report claims ITV bosses are consulting with lawyers, while an unnamed 'channel insider' adds: "You only have to look at recent problems with the iPhone 4 to see not everything Apple produces is gold dust. We all take our ITV brand very seriously and we'll do everything in our power to protect it."

Along with a rebrand, Apple observers claim the next-generation set-top box will have iPhone iOS applications, have 720p HD video output along with the company's new video chat program FaceTime.

An Apple spokeswoman dismissed concerns the names, ITV and iTV, would be too similar. "Any rumour about possible name changes or prototypes at this stage is just pure speculation."

ITV recently announced plans to bring high definition channels ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD and ITV4 HD to satellite via Sky this autumn, while looking at new ways to generate revenue. "What we need to do is turn the organisation around to get it fit for purpose and start competing in these new markets (of pay-per-view and online)," ITV's chief executive Adam Crozier told the BBC.