Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed plans to launch a global iPod recycling scheme across its worldwide retail chain this summer.

Jobs confirmed the plans in a note on Apple's focus on the environment published at around 6pm on Wednesday, 2 May.

He points out that all Apple's US retail stores already accept unwanted iPods for "environmentally friendly disposal free of charge". Apple also offers customers a 10 per cent discount on a new iPod when they return their old one, he observes.

"This summer we’re expanding (the scheme) to Apple retail stores worldwide, and we’re also extending it to include free shipping from anywhere in the US," he announced, adding, "no product purchases are required for any of our free take back programs."

Jobs also claimed the company operates a strict policy with those companies it works with on recycling, and points out that all the electronic waste the company gathers in North America is processed in the US, "nothing is shipped overseas for disposal".

You can read Jobs' complete statement here.