New reports suggest that Apple’s smaller dock connector will be called “Lightning,” its new earphones will be called “Earpods,” and the new iPod touch will be compatible with a new “Loop” accessory.

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9To5Mac’s sources claim that the 9-pin dock connector that is expected to be introduced with the iPhone 5 and iPod updates at this evening’s special event is dubbed “Lightning” within the company. The report suggests that the link between the existing “Thunderbolt” connector and the codename “Lightning” hints that Apple will extend the name to its marketing name upon launch.

The speculation about a new, smaller dock connector has caused some concern about the compatibility between new iOS devices and old accessories. 9To5Mac believes that there will be two dock adapters provided by Apple. “The first version apparently clips onto the bottom of the new iOS devices. The second is a version with a little cable attached for accessories like tight-fitting cases,” sources have said.

Apple Insider reports that the new dock connector could support USB 3.0. “By shifting its iOS Dock Connector to USB 3.0, Apple could gain the ability to sync data at much faster speeds, with transfers reaching 5Gbps, ten times faster than the top 480Mbps rate of USB 2.0,” the report explains.

It has also been predicted that Apple will launch new earphones alongside the iPhone 5 today. We’ve previously seen photographs of what is claimed to be a leaked pair of Apple’s new earphones, which will be called “Earpods” according to 9To5Mac’s sources.

Following yesterday’s reports of a new iPod touch announcement that could accompany the iPhone 5’s launch, 9To5Mac claims that there will be a “unique new ‘Loop’ accessory in multiple colours for the new iPod touch.”

The Loop will come in black, red, pink, yellow and blue, claim the sources.

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