Apple has launched four new iPhone 5 TV adverts, one focused on the new EarPods and three showing off the device’s new features.

One of the four ads, ‘Thumb,’ describes why Apple chose to make a taller display for its iPhone 5, showing that users will still be able to reach all of the touchscreen with their thumb. “That’s either A. an amazing coincidence, or B. a dazzling display of common sense. Pretty sure it’s the common sense thing,” says the narrator.

A second ad, called ‘Cheese,’ shows the iPhone 5’s new Panorama feature capturing a panoramic photo of a group of children in fancy dress.

‘Physics,’ shows off the bigger but smaller design of the iPhone 5, referring to the larger, 4in display and the thinner profile of the device. “I guess the laws of physics are more like general guidelines,” says the narrator.

Finally, Apple’s EarPod advert explains why Apple chose to change the shape of its headphones. “Ears are weird,” is the reason Apple uses.

Apple’s new ads have a more tongue-in-cheek tone of voice than Apple’s previous advertising campaigns, moving away slightly from the classy ads we’re used to from the company, but not going as far as the Genius ads that were recently blasted by critics and subsequently panned by Apple.

To watch Apple's new adverts, click here.

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