With just under a month left until the rumoured 12 September launch of Apple’s new iPhone, Apple has launched (PRODUCT)RED bumper cases, which costs £18.50 (US$29), for the iPhone 4/4S.

It seems an unusual move for Apple to make, releasing a case for the iPhone4/4S right before the company is predicted to bring out the new iPhone, which will then undoubtedly take all the attention off the iPhone 4/4S.

Additionally, the new iPhone is expected to take a different form than the iPhone 4/4S, instantly making it incompatible with the (PRODUCT)RED bumper cases.

Apple has been a part of the (PRODUCT)RED initiative for some time now, and has raised over £31.9million (US$50 million) for (PRODUCT)RED, a brand licensed to partner big companies in a bid to raise funds to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

This (PRODUCT)RED bumper case joins the iPhone 4 Bumper family that was first introduced with the iPhone 4 back in 2010.