Apple is the dominant brand among UK bloggers, a new report claims.

British bloggers think about their iPods more than any other gadget, view the BBC as their top provider of information and entertainment, and relate to Marks & Spencer more than any other retailer, according to a new, month-long study into the brands talked about by British bloggers.

Prompt Communications selected 100 blogs from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for its study, which aimed to provide a snapshot of the companies, products and brands that dominate in digital Britannia. Between 17 December 2007 and 16 January 2008, the 100 bloggers collectively published 908 blog posts and mentioned a total of 1,495 brands.

The resulting report reveals which brands – both British and international – resonate most highly with UK bloggers. Apple emerged as the most blog-friendly brand, with a total of 51 mentions over the time period.

The full report lists the most blogged-about brands overall and is available for free download.