Apple is hiring pizza chefs with at least 2-4 years of experience making Neapolitan style pizza.

When we first saw this we thought it was a joke, but apparently not. Apple is indeed looking for a Pizza Cook to work in Sacramento, California.

It seems likely that the Pizza cook will work in the canteen at the Sacromento campus. We think it is unlikely that Apple is planning to open up Pizza bars alongside the Genius Bar in its Apple Stores, but who knows, the company may be trying to take on the pizza business alongside the television and photography industries.

The job post on Apple’s website specifies that the candidate needs to have experience of “making pizza dough from scratch” and should also be “able to portion and toss the dough”, as well as hand stretch the pizza without using a rolling pin.

The job description is very specific. It states: “The ideal candidate has extensive experience making pizza dough from scratch and is able to portion and toss the dough; possesses the ability to hand stretch the pizza (without using a rolling pin) and cook the pizza to order in a high temperature oven. The cook will also prep and maintain all food items necessary to make a variety of pizzas (toppings, sauces and related prep).”

You can apply here.