We cover everything from Apple losing yet another prototype iPhone, to a neighborly Steve Jobs, to Tim Cook's email habits.

Apple loses another unreleased iPhone (CNet)

To paraphrase my man Oscar Wilde: "To lose one unreleased prototype iPhone may be regarded as misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness." But according to CNet, that's exactly what happened. The scene of the crime? A bar, once again. This--presumably iPhone 5--prototype has not yet surfaced, although it reportedly may have been sold on Craigslist for $200. Huh. I wonder if that was the price with a two-year contract.

My Neighbor, Steve Jobs (PaloAltoPatch)

Palo Alto resident Lisen Stromberg reminisces about Steve Jobs not as a technological genius, but as a neighbor. My personal favorite part, no joke: a story about Steve dressed as Frankenstein for Halloween. It's simply delightful in its un-Steveness.

A Look at Apple's Handling of Customer Emails to Executives as Tim Cook Takes Charge (MacRumors)

One way in which Tim Cook is apparently following in his predecessor's footsteps? Answering random emails from people on the Internet. The newly promoted Apple CEO has reportedly replied to at least a couple of messages from well-wishers. However, I do notice that Tim's email lacks any sort of signature line, so let me suggest "Sent from Steve Jobs's iPad."

Apple will put in place new tools for diagnostic of breakdowns of devices under iOS (HardMac)

French Apple site HardMac reports that Apple has built a Web-based diagnostic tool that service personnel can use to transmit basic information about an iOS device back to Cupertino. It can also supposedly determine whether you've been naughty or nice.

Shrine of Apple (Shrine of Apple)

These nutty folks are trying to catalog every Apple product ever made in high-quality photographs. All I'm saying is that there better be some shots of a Pippin.

Apple wants its 3G MacBook prototype back (CNet)

Remember that 3G-equipped MacBook prototype that surfaced a few weeks ago? Apple apparently wants it back from Carl Frega, the North Carolina man who has it. Man, between this and the iPhones, I'm starting to think that Clive Owen's walled himself into 1 Infinite Loop's prototype lab.

Apple's Designers Work Towards Storefront Symmetry (ifoAppleStore.com)

In news that won't come as a complete shock, it turns out that Apple Stores are designed to be symmetrical. This explains one of the company's weirder hiring practices, where all the personnel on one side of the store are required to be left-handed, while the other side are all right-handed.