How do you solve a problem like Antennagate? By placing the antenna behind one part of the iPhone that no owner would want to conceal - the logo.

According to the Patently Apple website, Apple has filed patents that reveals the company's plans to use a 'logo antenna' in future designs - not just for the iPhone, but other portable devices such as the Macbook and perhaps even miniature, wearable devices.

As the report notes, this is Apple's "third telephonic Macbook patent" filed in the second half of 2010, and proposes that the logo antenna could be placed in a special cavity where it would be isolated from other electronic components and therefore protected from anything that could potentially block radio-frequency signals.

If the principle of moving the antenna to behind the logo is applied to the iPhone, it would also solve the problem of the so-called 'death grip' reported by many iPhone 4 customers.

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