Shoppers around London's Piccadilly Circus should look up from today - Coca-Cola has agreed to share its massive illuminated billboard there with Apple and iTunes.

It's the first time Coca-Cola has shared the spot, widely regarded as one of London's most prestigious advertising locations - and there's a chance for passers-by to win up to 1,000 free songs!

The two companies will be promoting the current Coke+iTunes partnership on the billboard from today until 3 December.

"It is an interactive billboard promotion that involves an iTunes song giveaway using SMS," an Apple representative explained.

Passers-by just need to text a certain word (visible on the billboard) to receive one or more free iTunes songs. Every person that enters the promotion gets at least one free song and has a chance to win up to 1,000 songs. The number of songs given away is decided randomly.

Apple is also holding an 'iPod Spotter Campaign' on Thursday, Friday and Saturday around Piccadilly Circus for two weeks. A street team will hand out chilled cans of Coke and iTunes custom cards with five free songs to people that visit Piccadilly Circus with their iPods.
It's UK-based promotion and only UK residents using a UK mobile phone number can enter the promotion to receive free songs.