A Chinese company has accused Apple of infringing its trademark of the name Snow Leopard. This new suit comes just after Apple settled its iPad trademark dispute with Proview in China, by forking out $60million to the company.

M.I.C Gadget reports that chemical company Jiangsu Xeubao registered the term ‘Xuebao’, the Chinese translation of Snow Leopard, in 2000. Apple then released version 10.6 of its OS X operating system in 2009, which was named Snow Leopard.

The hearing is set to take place in a court in Shanghai on 10 July, and Jiangsu Xuebao has said that it is seeking 500,000 RMB (around £50,200) from Apple, as well as an official apology to settle the dispute.

However, a Chinese lawyer has said that is unlikely that Jiangsu Xuebao will win the lawsuit because Apple didn’t use the term Xuebao on its Chinese Store.