Apple has asked its business partner PhotoFast to discontinue production of a 256GB SSD upgrade kit for its MacBook Air laptop, according to several published reports .

The PhotoFast SSD kit included a 256GB flash memory module, along with a 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive for backing up the native 64GB SSD in the 11.6-in MacBook Air. Other models of the MacBook Air have Samsung SSDs with as much as 256GB of capacity.

The PhotoFast drive not only offered a big capacity boost to lower-end Air models, but it also increased throughput from the 150MB/sec speed of the MacBook Air's native drive to 250MB/sec.

PhotoFast is part of Apple's MFI Program , which makes certain vendors licensed sellers of accessories for the iPhone , iPod and iPad . PhotoFast sells several docking stations for the iPhone/iPod and iPad as well as a wireless audio transmitter for the devices to transmit sound to car audio systems.

Neither company has offered an explanation for the discontinuation of the upgrade kit.

As of today, PhotoFast's SSD upgrade kit Web page was showing a 404 message or "not found" error message.

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