Apple does not own domains such as or, research by domain name registrar Namesco has revealed.

While some domains such as have been grabbed by opportunists looking to make a quick buck, others are in the hands of Apple-focused bloggers, such as which belongs to MacRumors.

Apple does own domains such as,, and and went through legal channels to gain control of back in 2005.

However, the company's attitude to other relevant domains seems rather inconsistent -, for example, belongs to a firm offering bespoke illustrations.

Stephen Ewart, Marketing Manager at said: "It’s surprising that a tech savvy company like Apple, known for its very powerful brand, has lost control of all the likely web domain names of its new iPad. As they have other .com and sites registered for Apple it seems that they do realise the value of owning these domain names."

"Domain names are facing a revolution and, with the liberalisation of Global Top Level Domains, applications are being taken right now from businesses like Apple to secure their very own extension. So we could see all Apple’s websites residing in a brand new Apple controlled .apple domain extension in the future."

Of course it is entirely possible that Apple will go after many of the domains currently in the hands of cybersquatters once it reveals the name of the product it reveals tonight, which many industry watchers believe will be iPad HD rather than iPad 3.