If you’re thinking of ditching your iPhone 4S in favour of the iPhone 5 when it launches, you might be interested to know that Apple is currently offering up to £300 for the iPhone 4S in its Reuse and Recycling program.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled on 12 September, and could be available to buy from 21September.

Since the news (which is still not official) of the special event, eBay has seen a 70 per cent increase in iPhone 4S trade-ins, and other electronics trade-in companies have seen a trade-in increase of 2,500% from last year’s build up to the iPhone 4S launch.

Now, it has been discovered that Apple is offering customers £300 for a perfect condition 64GB iPhone 4S through its Reuse and Recycling program. This is still significantly less than the £400-500 being fetched by the same model on eBay, but it’s a reasonable offer from Apple nonetheless.

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