Apple is said to be planning to open a Research and Development centre in Shanghai. 

This strikes us as odd, given that the company has promised to bring back jobs from China to the US

Over the past few years Apple has been criticized for manufacturing in China and other territories where labour is cheaper than in the US. 

According to a Cnet China report, via AppleInsider, the three-building campus will be located in the Pudong area of Shanghai. A separate report has claimed that Apple will open a R&D centre in Beijing. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited China where he discussed Apple’s business in the region. 

Apple is also said to have plans to set up a data centre dedicated to the App Store and iTunes in that country. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the company is planning to manufacture one of its existing Mac lines exclusively in the US from this year. In early December Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple intended to invest $100 million so that it can bring some of its Mac production back to the US. 


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