A senior Silicon Valley lawyer may be implicated in Apple's stock options problem, a report claims.

It appears that when Apple attempted to put together a compensation package for CEO Steve Jobs in 2001 it called in a lawyer called Larry Sonsini, an expert on corporate governance.

It appears Sonsini was consulted on the 7.5 million share grant that was made to Jobs and has become the central focus of criminal investigation by US regulators.

This is the grant which saw meeting minutes falsified, an in-house Apple lawyer sacked, and which implicates Apple's former general counsel, Nancy Heinen and former chief financial officer, Fred Anderson.

Sonsini's practice already had strong relationships with many on the Apple board: "SEC filings show that Wilson Sonsini did work for Intuit, where director William Campbell was CEO, and Genentech, where board member Arthur Levinson was CEO and chairman. And according to the firm's website, Wilson Sonsini also provided legal services for The Gap, where director Millard Drexler was CEO," the report claims.