After what seems like forever, Apple app aficionados will finally see updates to iLife--iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand--for both the Mac and iOS.

All versions are available today and all are free.

Eddie Cue, senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, was on hand to do a very brief demo of the new iLife features.

With 64-bit support, photo browsing in the new iPhoto appears to be faster. Cue touted iOS version's "clean and beautiful" new look.

Photo Books--hugely popular but previously only available on the Mac--have now moved to the iPad. You can use iPhoto for iOS to lay out your book and employ multitouch gestures to move photos and text around the layout. When you're done, you can upload everything to Apple servers, from which the book will be printed and shipped.

The new version of iMovie also gets a slew of new features. For starters, it's been redesigned for both iOS 7 and the Mac. Cue said it's now easier to browse and share videos with family and friends. You no longer need to create a project or edit your footage; you can just select the clip you like and tap it to share it. Now all the desktop-class effects, such as changing video speed, are available on Apple's mobile devices, too.

On the desktop, it's now easier to speed up and slow down video, which is great for the footage you capture on your iPhone 5s. A new feature called iMovie Theater is like a private screening room. It puts all movies, trailers, and shared clips in one place. When you create a movie on your iPhone, it's available across all your devices via iCloud--even on Apple TV.

Finally, GarageBand also gets an overhaul in iOS 7. One major component is that it goes from supporting 8 tracks to 16; if you have a 64-bit device, you can go up to 32 tracks, just like on the iPhone 5s. And, thanks to iCloud, you can also start a song on your Mac or iPhone or iPad and you'll always have access to the same version.

Apple also demoed a new feature in GarageBand called Drummer, which plays along with your songs at your direction. You can pick the style of drumming, even choose the instruments (much like the Smart Drums on iOS GarageBand). The accompaniment is based on the work of real drummers, in a variety of genres.