Apple is the number two supplier to UK education market, pushing Dell into third place.

According to analysts at Gartner, Apple has 14.7 per cent of the total PC market for education - including laptops and desktop computers, but excluding the server market. In first place is Research Machines with 34.9 per cent of the market. Dell has slipped to third place with 14.1 per cent. In fourth place is HP with 7.7 per cent of the market.

Apple also announced that in the fourth quarter of its 2006 financial year it was the number one computer supplier in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) education market.

Gartner analyst Isabelle Durand confirmed the news. She told Macworld: “For the first time, Apple is number one in the EMEA education market with 11.6 per cent of the market in Q3/2006 against 9.6 per cent in Q3/2005.”

She added: “Apple performed above the education market average (+9.2 per cent) and grew by 32 per cent in the EMEA education market.”

Durand believes Apple’s growth in the education market is a result of the company's current focus on that market.

She also claims that Apple’s MacBook recorded high volumes. “It has been quite successful into the education sector”, she said.