Apple will announce a new line-up of iPods on Wednesday 7 September, a Japanese report claims.

The Kodawarisan website reports that Apple's annual music-themed event will take place on that day, though suggests that Apple won't announce the next-generation iPhone at the event, instead waiting until later in the month or perhaps October.

Apple traditionally announces its iPhone products at the WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) held in June every year. However, this year's WWDC didn't contain any iPhone-related announcement, so it was widely expected that Apple would wait for the September music event to make an announcement.

The report from Japan does apparently come from an inside source, MacRumors has ascertained, though much is lost in translation. Also, Kodawarisan puts the date of the event as 8 September, though due to time zone differences it'll still be 7 September in the US and UK.

There has been much debate in the iPhoe 5 rumour mill about whether the iPhone 5 would launch in September or October, or perhaps be announced in September ahead of an October launch, though others are more interested in how many new iPhones Apple will announce rather than when.