Apple is predicted to exceed expectations when its fourth quarter results are announced at 10pm UK time on Monday 18 October.

As reported last week, Apple's share price has continued to break records with the company's stock reaching an all time high of $301.96 per share last Wednesday.

Despite problematic media coverage concerning iPhone antenna issues and stock shortages, Apple continues to enjoy what is now considered to be a bumper year for its new products over all.

Sales of the iPhone 4 were not noticeably affected by the "antennaegate" controversy, although the true cost of the iPhone case programme, which saw Apple give away free Bumper cases worth £25 to iPhone 4 owners, will be revealed at the event.

Reports that Apple will sell 45 million iPads next year, back up business analysts opinions that Apple is concentrating on expanding the adoption of iPads before its competitors get their tablet products into the same market.

The financial results are predicted to be a "blowout" by The Telegraph due to the immense popularity of the iPad and iPhone 4, the paper also predicts a near doubling in profits to approximately $13.4 billion for its full year compared to last.

The Telegraph attributes this to the massive adoption of the iPad and iPhone. According to the Telegraph: "Analysts expect Apple to report that iPads sales have topped 4.5m in the quarter, compared with previous estimates of 3.9m." Analysts quoted in the story are of the opinion that as large as Apple already is, it can only increase its success in the future because of it's world changing mobile computing products. The Telegraph quotes Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner as saying: "Bottom line, as big as Apple is today, it seems destined to get much bigger."