Apple is quietly working up systems that will enable users to receive and listen to digital radio using an iPhone.

This news is buried in a report detailing a move away from DAB radio on the part of digital radio pioneer, GCap Media.

GCap Media boss Fru Hazlitt has announced plans to sell the company's 63 per cent stake in Digital One, the national commercial radio digital broadcasting platform.

Complaining that while 10 per cent of UK radio listeners use a digital radio most are simply listening to shows already also available on FM frequencies, Hazlett said: "If you put that against a background of the cost structure of DAB, it cannot be an economically viable platform."

As well as closing down national digital stations TheJazz and Planet Rock, GCap is selling Xfm analogue licences in Scotland, South Wales and Manchester, retaining only Xfm London, a Guardian report states.

For Mac and iPhone users, though, the nugget within the report is buried near the end, where Hazlitt describes the greatest growth opportunities for the company's radio stations to be on FM and broadband. "She also announced a new tie-up with Apple enabling people to listen to digital radio on their iPhone," the report adds.