New features will be introduced to the iPhone in future software updates, Apple has promised as hackers break the company's latest anti-unlocking firmare update.

Apple has promised that: "All the complaints and feature requests we've had can be fixed and added by software upgrades," a company spokesman told Pocket-Lint.

The biggest iPhone criticism - lack of support for 3G - isn't upgradeable by a software patch, with Apple's network partners suggesting a 3G version of iPhone won't ship until late 2008.

The Apple spokesperson pointed out that most users only use around 10 per cent of the features of their mobiles. "Apple didn't want that to happen with the iPhone," they observed.

One industry observer remarked that Apple may in future bundle additional applications and utility tweaks with iPhone software updates as a way to incentive users to upgrade, rather than hack, their phones.

However, at present the cat and mouse game between Apple and hackers continues, with news that the latest iPhone 1.1.2 software has been successfully subverted to allow the phone to be used on any GSM-based carrier.

Others have worked out how to bypass the new software in order to install third-party applications on the device.