Apple's television set may not arrive until 2015 or 2016. Instead, the company is rumoured to be focusing on wearable technology, such as the widely speculated iWatch, for 2014.

That's according to reports that have surfaced this week, which claim Apple has put its plans for a fully-fledged television set "on hold again."

NPD DisplaySearch has reported that "sources in the TV supply chain" say Apple's decision to push back television plans could be in favour of a venture into the wearable technology market.

This year, rumours of an 'iWatch' have taken off thanks to Apple patent applications and numerous sources who claim Apple has a team of engineers working on an Apple smart watch.

According to The Korea Herald, DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh said at a conference in Taiwan on Wednesday, that sources have said the iWatch will come in two sizes. The first will have a 1.7in OLED display and will be targeted at men, while a smaller women's version will have a 1.3in OLED screen.

There are already several iWatch rivals, including offerings from the likes of Samsung, Sony and several smaller companies such as Pebble.

Another contribution to the alleged Apple television delay is difficulty in securing exclusive content, according to DisplaySearch's sources.

Additionally DisplaySearch suggests: "The existing Apple TV box may be an impediment to Apple's success with a smart TV product, which as a category, is not growing in the US as many had hoped for."

Therefore, perhaps Apple will instead focus on bringing a significant update to the Apple TV set-top box that it currently offers. In fact, trusted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has an impressive Apple prediction track-record, told investors on Tuesday that he expects Apple to launch a new version of the set-top box in 2014.

This new Apple TV could have an A7 processor like the one found in the iPhone 5s and Apple's newest iPads, he said. He expects Apple will work to integrate "more TV content, services and its App Store" into the Apple TV with the next generation, in order to ensure shipment growth is not limited.

Echoing the reports from DisplaySearch, Kuo has also predicted that the Apple Television won't arrive until 2015 or 2016.

He suggests that it's proving difficult to integrate content and services for different TV ecosystems, and that it's also proving costly to set up a television set supply chain.

Talk of an Apple television set dates back several years, but other than rumours, comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook that reveal TV is an "area of great interest" for the company, and the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' eagerness for Apple to make its mark on the television market, we've yet to see any solid evidence that such device is in the works.

However, we're pretty certain that Apple is going to launch something into a new product category next year, as Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company is working to enter "exciting new product categories" in 2014.

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