Recently appointed Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple, John Browett, has revised the company's scheduling practices, meaning already stressed employees will need to work more hours.

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Browett, former CEO of Dixons Retail who was hired by Apple in January, has introduced new rules that mean full-time Apple Store employees may be required to work both Saturday and Sunday, which ifoAppleStore believes could result in 'many resignations'.

ifoAppleStore reports that Apple's new scheduling practices, which are expected to become effective on 15 April, will "pressure employees who are already suffering from larger crowds of visitors. Apple's stores have become more crowded, noisy, and stressful as their products have risen in popularity."

"The changes seem to have substantial benefits for Apple, but few for its employees, and could result in many resignations who are unable to comply with the new requirements," the report adds.

Currently, ifoAppleStore says, full-time Apple employees are required to work either Saturday or Sunday every week. But Apple's new scheduling practices will add Friday to the list of weekend days, and employees will be made to work on two out of the three days. This could result in employees having to spend both Saturday and Sunday working in an Apple Store.

The new requirements also raise part-time employees' minimum weekly commitment from 16 hours to 24 hours, which ifoAppStore points out could "create conflicts for part time workers with education, family or other on-going commitments".

The report claims that Apple is aware that the changes could cause many of its employees to quit, but the company will try to keep staff happy by being more accommodating when employees request time off.

The change in scheduling could stem from a noticeable increase in Apple Store traffic on Fridays, the report suggests.