Apple has set out pricing for its forthcoming iCloud service.

Pocket Lint reports that US punters will fork out $20 per year for an extra 10GB, $40 for 20GB or $100 for 50GB.

Those of us in the UK will be able to get 10GB for £14, 20GB for £28 and 50GB for £70 per year.

Macworld Feature: iCloud - what you need to know

Apple announced the pricing as it opened up its first public developer beta test for iCloud today.

The US pricing looks good when compared to services such as Dropbox - which charges $9.99 (around £6) per month for 50GB, working out to $120 (£74) per year - and you get 5GB of storage for free with iCloud. Those in the UK won't make as much of a saving, though.

However, you won't be able to store absolutely all of your documents and files in iCloud - Apple said iCloud will only sync documents created with Apple’s apps (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, for example) as well as any third-party apps that are adapted to take advantage of iCloud.

iCloud will roll out in the autumn when iOS 5 is announced, though some features such as iTunes in the Cloud won't be available to UK customers initially.