Apple could get a 65 per cent tax discount in Travis County for ten years, without having to hire any of the county’s residents to work at its recently agreed new campus, following the approval of an incentive deal by the county on Tuesday.

Statesman reports that the deal means Apple will receive a base discount of 60 per cent on its Travis County tax bill for the first 10 years and for the five years following that, the company will receive a 40 per cent discount, regardless of who it hires to fill the 3,600 jobs the new campus would provide.

In early April, it was agreed that Apple would receive an 80 per cent rebate on its tax bill for 10 years, with the potential that it can extend to 15 years, as long as Apple hires some portion of “economically disadvantaged” Travis County residents. These residents would be the currently unemployed, those who have been through targeted job training, and those who live in a poor area, according to the terms of the agreement.

The final deal, presented to the commissioners on 17 April, outlined no such hiring requirements, according to Statesman.