Apple may release HD versions of Disney movies through the iTunes Store in 2007.

The analysts at In-Stat have published this year's list of predictions for 2007, and these HD plans are one of their key predictions for the download-to-own service.

These HD movies will be able to exploit the built-in power of Intel's dual and quad processor chips.

The move seems set to threaten the pay-TV services. As broadband speeds climb to levels that can support the download of such large files, the analysts expect consumers to cancel their pay-TV services and move to broadband.

There could be a huge future for broadband media, with analysts at Strategy Analytics yesterday revealing research that claims the market for online sales of TV shows and movies will reach $1.5 billion next year.

"2007 will be remembered as the year in which online sales of pre-recorded video finally become a real business,” said the report’s author, Martin Olausson, senior analyst at the Strategy Analytics Broadband Media & Communications team. “Just like with music, online delivery of video content is now emerging as a viable and increasingly important distribution channel for content owners.”

By 2010, global revenue from online video sales, rentals and subscriptions will surge to $5.9 billion, and account for 8 per cent of total home video industry revenues, the analyst claims.