Days after Apple announced more than one million users had joined Ping, its just launched iTunes 10 based social network for music, the company has reportedly removed spammers who had hijacked the new service. Ping lets users follow favourite artists, while friends can discover what music you currently like, are listening to and even downloading.

Apple Insider notes, Apple soon began a clear out of spammers targeting the profiles of popular stars, such as Katy Perry, and by Monday the majority of offers of free iPhones, iPads, iPods and the like had been pulled.

The website adds, fake accounts including those pretending to be Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO and Jonathan Ive, senior vice president of Industrial Design at Apple have also been deleted.

Last week, security specialists Sophos highlighted the problem of Ping spam, which has also hit Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Apple iTunes Ping

"Most of the security industry has been pointing out the migration of spam from an email-only venture to blog/forum comments, Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 platforms," Chester Wisniewski at Sophos said in a blog post.

"But apparently Apple didn't consider this when designing Ping, as the service implements no spam or URL filtering. It is no big shock that less than 24 hours after launch, Ping is drowning in scams and spams."

Meanwhile, iTunes 10 has also received a few minor cosmetic changes, including adding "back" and "forward" buttons for better Ping navigation.