Apple senior vice president of retail, Ron Johnson has exercised his options to buy and then sell 130,000 shares of Apple stock.

Johnson joined Apple as senior vice president in January 2000. Reporting directly to the CEO, Johnson leads Apple's retail strategy and is responsible for its overall execution and performance. With Johnson at the helm, Apple has opened over 150 stores to date. 

A SEC filing reveals Johnson exercised his right to buy 130,000 shares at $23.72 per share on 2 February, at a cost of $3,083,600. Johnson then sold that clutch of shares at prices between $84.36 and $84.50 the same day. At minimum price per share, the deal netted Johnson $10,966,800.

Johnson has over 20 years of experience in retail and merchandising as well as a strong track record for delivering consistent year-over-year growth for billion-dollar companies.