While DSG this month warned that slack sales at PC World could mean it misses profit forecasts, a new report claims Apple retail outlets outsell PC-focused stores by as much as ten to one.

The report, which emerged from Bernstein Research last night, states that the typical Apple retail outlet shifts on average 21.4 Macs daily, against "less than two" for specialised electronics stores. That's 8,000 Macs per store per year - two-thirds of store revenues emanate from sales of Macs, AppleInsider notes.

"We estimate that the stores, which collectively represent just 2.5 per cent of the Mac's global distribution points, drove more than one third of its market share gain during the year," report author Toni Sacconaghi said.

The report also observes that iPod sales in retail outlets have fallen by about half in the last year, and warns that the cost of delivering Apple's designed customer experience in stores is climbing faster than in-store profit margins.

"We ultimately believe investors should look to maintain a market-weight in Apple, as we see explosive, yet balanced, risk on both sides," Sacconaghi says.