Apple may have a medium-term plan to introduced the iPhone in Canada, breaking a stalemate position with local incumbent, Rogers Telecom,

Rogers Telecom has been the most likely network partner for an iPhone launch in Canada. That's mainly because the company is the only network in the country offering support for EDGE networks, required for using the iPhone.

A deal between Apple and Rogers has been much speculated on, but has been a long time coming. The deadlock seems set to resolve itself with the entrant of a new company, Niagara Networks, which is bidding for bandwidth in the country.

Niagara Networks is a previously unknown company that won't reveal where its funding is coming from, citing "confidentiality agreements". The 9 to 5 Mac website believes the company is being secretly supported by Apple's US network partner, AT&T.

Should this speculation be correct, Apple and AT&T may be choosing to avoid dealings with Rogers Telecom in order to institute a new provider that's happy to offer iPhone in Canada.