With the US population recently climbing to above 300 million, there's good news for Apple, as 8 per cent of US consumers plan to buy an iPod this holiday season.

A report on CNBC last night revealed the results of a recent "Holiday Central" survey. That survey indicates that Apple may sell as many as 17 million iPods in the current quarter in the US alone.

This means that US sales could potentially generate $2.7 billion in revenue for Apple by the end of December. It also suggests that on a global basis, Apple may achieve its highest volume of iPod sales within a quarter yet.

It presumably also means a minimum of 340 million sales through iTunes, according to some assessments of the number of iTunes tracks downloaded per iPod sold.

The CNBC survey also revealed that 20 per cent of US consumers already own an iPod (that's 42 million players).

CNBC discusses the results in a video report, which is available online here.