Apple has begun selling refurbished products on eBay for lower prices than it offers through its own refurbished store.

In November last year, we reported that Apple was believed to have begun selling refurbished iPads, MacBooks and iPods on eBay, through an eBay store labelled "Refurbished Outlet".

At the time, the prices listed on the eBay store were identical to the prices Apple charges through its refurbished store on its website, but the products are now being sold for up to $100 less through eBay.

Customers in the US can get their hands on a refurbished 13.3in MacBook Air with 128GB of SSD for $899, which is $100 less than on Apple's official refurbished store, while some iPod touch and iPad 2 models are available with savings of up to $50.


According to Apple Insider, Apple has been adding more inventory to its 'secret' eBay store on a daily basis.

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While Apple hasn't publicly confirmed that the company runs the Refurbished Outlet on eBay, it is widely believed that this is the case. In November, reports claimed that Apple is "testing the waters" with the store, but that it could "open the door to much bigger things". 

The Refurbished Outlet is not yet available on eBay in the UK.

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