Apple will announce its Q2 FY12 earnings on Tuesday 24 April.

The company will host its usual conference call with analysts and shareholders at 9pm BST (2pm PT). The call will be streamed via Apple’s website, we will also run our usual analysis on the Macworld website during the call. (More below...) 

Apple’s Q1 results were announced on 24 January. The company saw $46.33bn in revenue, $13.06 billion in profit, and record-breaking iPhone, iPad, and Mac sales for the fiscal first quarter that ended on 31 December 2011.

Looking ahead to the second quarter ending in March, during the Q1 conference call, Oppenheimer told analysts to expect $32.5 billion in revenue and earnings per share of $8.50. That compares to revenue of $24.67 billion and earnings of $6.40 a share in the 2011 second quarter.