One-in-six US Americans are considering buying an Apple product across the US Christmas season, new data from Solutions Research Group reveals.

The stage seems set for a digital Christmas, with 76 per cent of 1,200 US Americans surveyed confirming they have at least one digital-lifestyle product on their Christmas list.

No Apple products made it to the top 10 must-have devices, which are: flat-screen high definition TV set (35 per cent), Windows laptops (20 per cent), digital cameras (17 per cent), Windows desktops (14 per cent), GPS navigation units (10 per cent), mobile phones (10 per cent), digital video cameras (9 per cent), Nintendo Wii's (9 per cent), Sony PS3's (7 per cent), and a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player (6 percent).

The iPhone took 15th place, while a Mac laptop was the eleventh most-desired item, the research shows.

However, that doesn't mean Apple faces a bleak winter. The report adds: "While no individual Apple product ranked higher than number 11 on the wish lists, when combined, Apple-branded technology products make it to the top five overall with one-in-six considering purchase, suggesting a strong potential holiday season for the company."