Apple has come in for another wave of analyst optimism following recent meetings with company executives.

Analysts at Caris and Co. last night raised their Apple stock target price to $115 from $110 per share. They expect higher Apple iPod sales in the coming quarter with analyst Shelby Seyrafi predicting 11.9 million sales of iPods.

The analyst observes continued strength of demand for the Apple iPod with video and predicts a wave of sales when the iPhone ships in the US next month.

He expects Apple to exceed its stated sales target with the iPhone, predicting 17 million sales in 2008 and 25 million in the following year. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has previously announced a sales target of just ten million units in the first year.

Analysts at UBS remain bullish, according to AppleInsider. Analyst Ben Reitzes describes the company as "upbeat" on the prospects for its newest products, as well as the Apple Mac platform itself.

"While the iPhone launch in June should garner significant attention, we believe that investors should also focus on prospects for continued Mac momentum with new products and the ability for Apple TV to become more of a DVD player replacement over the next few years," he wrote.

He also anticipates new models of iPhone for the Europe and Asia markets "within a year".