Apple investors are furious at the company's handling of the recent stock options debacle, and are demanding executives ensure such a crisis never emerges again.

The Street reports that over 41 per cent of stock holders backed a May resolution to ban the backdating of stock options grants at Apple. It was precisely this form of stock backdating which drove US regulators to investigate the company.

Another vote that would have tied executive compensation to stock performance attracted 38 per cent support. Apple opposed the measures.

Investors clearly felt Apple management missed a beat on the stock options backdating matter, and want to take the executives to task for, as they see it, failing in their duty of oversight.

And according to, more than a third of shareholders also refused to vote in Apple directors Bill Campbell, Art Levinson and Jerome York during the annual shareholder meeting, which took place in May.

Apple announced the results of its internal investigation into historical irregularities in its reporting of backdated stock options in December but hasn't yet released a full report on this.