As the AAPL stock tumbles to $485.92, shareholders are likely to be keen to ask Apple a few questions when it hold its annual shareholders meeting on 27 February. 

It was standing room only at last year's annual shareholder meeting (held on 24 February 2012). The company had to use shuttles to take shareholders who didn’t fit in the first two rooms to an additional viewing area. Cook closed the meeting by teasing: "We’re working hard as a team this year, and we’ve got some incredible products that will blow your mind."

At last year's meeting Apple announced a significant change in how the company’s board of directors will be elected, Apple CEO Tim Cook spent some time reflecting on the previous year, and shareholders were invited to ask questions in one of the rare opportunities to see Apple executives interact publicly with people other than financial analysts.

This year is unlikely to be any different. Apple Senior Vice President and General Counsel Bruce Sewell (recently appointed as a member of the board of the Vail Ski Resort) has already offered a brief summary to shareholders of the proposals up for vote. These include the election of Apple's board of directors, moves to eliminate "blank check" preferred stock, and a proposed amendment to establish a "par value" of $0.0001 per share for Apple common stock.

Also up for debate are a couple of shareholder proposals outlined by Apple Insider.  

One proposal calls for the Compensation Committee to adopt a policy that requires senior executives to retain a "significant percentage" of company shares they have been awarded until retirement age.

The other proposal seeks to establish a Board Committee on Human Rights. This is likely in relation to alleged abuse at Apple's Chinese manufacturing partner Foxconn's factories.

All stock holders of record as of 2 January 2013 are invited to the meeting.  

Apple's stock has plumetted in recent days following a 'flawed' WSJ report and alleged 'stock manipulation'.

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