An Apple Authorised Reseller in Sydney is being investigated by Apple following reports that it stole images of an unnamed Australian athlete and his wife having sex.

Apple spokesperson Fiona Martin said that Apple was investigating the matter and has asked customers who have concerns about their privacy being compromised by the store, to contact Apple immediately.

She did not confirm that Apple would withdraw the store’s Authorised Reseller licence, however, according to The Daily Telegraph.

When confronted over the matter, the store owner denied targeting sexual images and said: "If people choose to put photos and personal information on their computers that's their decision," according to the Daily Telegraph.

According to the article, the Olympic athlete had taken the Mac to the reseller to be fixed and the intimate images were copied to a shared drive that contains similar images of celebrities and members of the public.

The report claims that there is a legal loophole that means the shop staff are not committing a criminal act.

The Daily Telegraph does not name the Apple Authorised Reseller that is reported to have stolen the images, presumably for legal reasons.