The owner of 'The Apple Shop', a cider store in Norfolk, has made the decision to change the name of his business after being inundated with calls from confused iPad, iPhone and Mac owners.

The Independent reports that Geoff Fisher, who has been selling cider and juice from his shop in Wroxham Barns since 1993, has been forced to change the name to 'The Norfolk Cider Company', because the opening of the Apple Store in Norwich in 2009 has caused an increasing number of calls from customers about their Apple gadgets.

"People would call up and say they had a problem with their iPod and I told them to chuck it away and have a nice cider to get over it," Fisher said, adding that he receives up to 24 calls about Apple products every week.

The telephone number for his cider shop is found next to the Apple Store's number in the phone book, and Fisher thinks that the local prefix on his number leads customers to call him instead of Apple.


Fisher says that one call was from an 87-year-old man who said that he had "been silly and bought his first computer," to which Fisher replied: "Give it to your grandchildren."

The Apple Shop will become The Norfolk Cider Company from Easter when the store gets refurbished.

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