Apple's plans to create a smart TV look to be continuing in earnest with one analyst claiming that the company is currently shopping around for components.

Apple Insider reports that Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, who has had plenty to say in the past about the prospect of an Apple smart TV, told investors this week that the company has been talking to component manufacturers.

Munster says that a "major TV component supplier" has fielded enquiries from Apple "regarding various capabilities of their television display components".

This, he says, adds to the evidence that we've already heard - including rumours of investments in manufacturing facilities for LCD displays up to 50in - and Munster believes that we could see an Apple television set as early as the end of this year.

However, there are a few problems still facing Apple, including those of content partnerships, says Munster. The company is unlikely to enter the connected TV market without some kind of "revamped TV content solution", he says, as when Apple enters mature markets it only does so with a radical reinvention of what is already on offer.

But content providers are said to be reluctant to partner with Apple, leading Munster to speculate that Apple could simply offer access to web-based services like Netflix or Hulu. However, it is more likely that the company would want something unique to offer its customers, with Munster suggesting an "a la carte" monthly subscription package with content from various providers and services on offer.

Munster is well known for his predictions concerning a connected television set from Apple.