Apple has updated the Chinese strand of its website to offer respect to victims of the Sichuan Yaan earthquake, which has left over 200 dead and a further 1000 injured.

The modified website now showcases an acknowledgement, which reads: “Our deepest condolences to those who were taken away by the Sichuan Yaan earthquake, and respect to all the rescuers. May those who have passed away rest in peace and may the survivors stay strong.”

It’s not the only step Apple has taken in offering support to the victims; it recently announced that it will be donating a generous 50 million yuan (just over 5 million pounds).

The company has also promised to help out in other areas: “In this difficult time our hearts are with the Sichuan earthquake victims. In addition to cash donations to help the victims ride out the storm, we will also commit to donating brand new Apple equipment to some of the schools in the affected region, and the local Apple staff will be on standby to provide support.”

It’s a kind gesture from Apple, and it also comes after ex-CEO John Sculley’s assertion that the company should focus its attention on emerging markets like China and India. “Right now,” Sculley says, “Samsung is much more aggressive in this part of the world.”

Samsung has recently agreed to donate 60 million yuan (roughly 6 million pounds) to the victims of Sichuan Yaan too. Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn, was among the other donors.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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